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Chiropractic Baxter MN Pain Medication Management

Everyone has experienced pain in some form or another in their lifetime. It is one of the most common reasons people seek medical help and can also be one of the most misunderstood and poorly treated symptoms.

When treating pain with medication in Baxter, it is important to identify exactly where the pain is coming from and what is causing it. Pain can be coming from an acute pain (broken bones, post-surgery, etc.), chronic pain (pain that has been around for longer than 3 months), bone pain, nerve pain, soft tissue pain (muscle, tendon, ligament) and/or a referred pain (pain coming from someplace else).

When treating YOUR pain, it is important to work with providers that are familiar with all kinds of pain and can formulate a specific diagnosis. Our providers are well-versed in pain treatments and have years of experience doing nothing but treating pain. Whether you have had a failed surgery, are not a candidate for other pain procedures, or have tried everything else for your pain, medication management may be the only option that works for you.


Our protocols for pain medication management are safe, effective, and follow all of the most current science and research. Our pain providers truly care about each and every patient they see and they know how much people can struggle with pain.

Just like there are many types of pain, there are also many different types of pain-relieving medications and each class works in a slightly different way. Most medications can be grouped under one of the following:

  • Nonopioids: a medicine that is not similar to morphine (an opioid) and is not addictive (acetaminophen, aspirin, NSAIDs, etc.)
  • Weak opioids: a medicine that is similar to morphine (an opioid) but not considered as strong (codeine, tramadol, etc.)
  • Combination opioids: these contain a nonopioid and either a weak opioid or a strong opioid (acetaminophen and hydrocodone)
  • Strong opioids: a medicine such as morphine or similar to morphine (fentanyl, morphine, oxycodone)
  • Other (eg, ketamine)
  • Adjuvant treatments: a medicine that can help relieve pain by relieving inflammation or by improving the functioning of other systems (cannabidiol, capsaicin cream, gabapentin)

The choice between what medication may work for your pain will be based off your conversation with one of our pain providers and your previous medical history.

Our pain providers at Axness Integrative Medicine in Baxter care about your privacy and never make you feel uncomfortable about your healthcare needs. You will not find pain providers that care more than we do!

Whatever pain you may be dealing with, you can be assured that our multi-discipline office will be able to help you overcome it! We look forward to helping with your pain!

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